I’m Evan Fetherolf, a video editor turned A+ certified technician with a passion for tech literacy, self-hosting, and data independence. Technology is a fundamental—and unavoidable—part of our daily lives, and in my career, I strive to help people navigate the oftentimes complicated labyrinth that all this tech creates. Everyone deserves to have tech that not only works but works for them.

In my last career as a video editor, I spent a lot of time optimizing my tools and workflows, and I realized that my job was completely dependent on technology; all of our editing, transcoding, file sharing, and communication happened on network-connected computers. It turns out properly working tech is a prerequisite for productivity. So, I taught myself to troubleshoot basic problems, documenting the solutions for quick reference in the future. This turned out to be valuable when other editors on my team ran into technical issues. I could help them troubleshoot, saving the downtime that would result from escalation.

I gained a lot of other transferable skills as an editor, too. Communication is vital to day-to-day operations, collaborating with producers, supervisors, and members of my own team, often tempering expectations and sometimes deescalating a situation when someone is frustrated. Problem-solving is also one of the most important parts of editing; rarely is the raw footage perfect, and unexpected legal, copyrighting, and technical issues happen on almost every project. I had to think on my feet every day, drawing on my personal experience to improvise solutions.

In my IT career, I look forward not only to helping people navigate their own personal experiences with technology but also to maintaining secure systems and networks that protect users’ data and privacy. I’m excited about the opportunities that new technology brings and can’t wait to support, maintain, and advance those new technologies.

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